Afm Tv Film Agreement

After three days of intense discussions, management was not prepared to accept or negotiate our main proposals. „Musicians working in the television, film and sound industries have always been involved in traditional sources of media revenue that enrich those who use our music long after we`re created,“ Hair said. „The new media streaming proposals made by film studios during the current round of negotiations were not a good deal and were unacceptable.“ Low-budget rates can be used if the film falls below $45 million for motion pictures or $5 million per hour of programming for television films (basic and long-form television movies). Since their introduction in 1996, these low budget rates have increased employment opportunities in the field of application. In addition, low-budget soundtrack albums are often published. The use of this agreement is subject to the association`s prior written agreement. Contact the local recording company representative or Pat Varriale at the AFM West Coast Office for more information on a low-budget package for theatre or television films. There are also new additional provisions that allow discounted prices for the first 25 episodes of a television series or pilot. The Federation proposed a fixed remain after a 90-day window, with the percentages decreasing to 35% and subsequently changed annually by subscriber levels established on a residual initial basis of $1,000. Assuming 12 years of exposure, each musician would receive 1,815 $US over a 12-year period. In addition, the association has proposed payments for high-budget streaming (AVOD) supported by advertisers. However, the producers rejected these proposals, which could have paved the way for acceptable payments, as well as significant new revenues for the AFM pension fund from television, film and other streaming content. Following our cycle of film negotiations that has just ended, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the many talented musicians, members of the AFM IEB, local union officials and representatives of players from across the association who have spent countless hours identifying, articulating and prioritizing employment issues, ahead of our discussions with producers.

We had the benefit of excellent legal representation from Susan Davis of Cohen, Weiss and Simon, as well as in-house advisors Jennifer Garner and Russ Naymark. Finally, I would like to thank the head of Electronic Media Services, Pat Varriale, contract manager Matt Allen, and all the hard-working employees of the Federation for their valuable contributions throughout the process. Note: The above agreements are merely summaries of collective agreements. For effective agreements, please contact the Electronic Media Services Division of the American Federation of Musicians. On 18 March, the negotiating team negotiated a brief extension of the contract: a 2% increase in existing salaries, thus continuing the terms of the current agreement until 14 November 2019. „We will continue our discussions with the film industry in November on new media equity for our members and their families,“ Hair said.