Agreement For Storage Of Goods

The depositor instructs the stocker to store and handle the following goods („goods“) at the following rates, as requested by the depositor in connection with his activity during the duration of this contract: Quick payment – For the payment of each amount due under this contract, payment on the due date or within the following two business days , and for any amount due as part of another agreement between you and us, payment within five days of the written request of us, our , our – the memory provider called above the company sheet you, you are the customer named 5.2.2 to determine if the space contains the objects described in condition 8 , or whether we reasonably believe that such an entry is necessary to determine whether action should be taken to determine whether injury or property damage is avoided; 5.2.3. if required by the police, customs, firefighters, local authorities or court order; 5.2.4. for all purposes, including condition 5.1, if we believe it is necessary in an emergency; 5.2.5. access in accordance with condition 11; or 5.2.6. To have access, in accordance with our competences, in accordance with condition 18; or 5.2.7. To avoid injury or property damage. 6. You guarantee that the goods stored in the room are your property at any time during this Contract or that the person who owns or has an interest in doing so has given you the irrevocable power to store the goods in the space in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and that you are acting as a duly authorized representative of such a person. They compensate us for any loss or damage we suffer for violating this guarantee, including any losses, damages or expenses we incur (including reasonable legal fees) resulting from any action or action by a person owning or interested in the property. 7.

We reserve the right to deny you the storage of the goods or ask you to remove goods from the premises if we believe that the security of a person in the store or the security of the space, its contents or its premises or their contents would be compromised by the continuous storage or storage of these goods. 8. You cannot store (and do not have another person store) or keep any of the following goods in space:- 8.1. Food or perishable goods; 8.2. plants, birds, fish, animals or other living things; 8.3. combustible, flammable, explosive or oxidizing materials, liquids or gases, such. B as paint, gasoline, oil, detergents, gas cylinders, cellulose sheet or fireworks; 8.4. firearms, ammunition, explosives or their components; 8.5.