Ann Arbor Board Of Realtors Lease Agreement

Swisher Commercial is pleased to announce the sale of 17,892 SF units in 516 St. Johns, Ypsilanti. Charlie Koenn of Swisher Commercial was the listing agent for this property. Charlie can be reached by phone at (734) 926-0230 and by email at Swisher Commercial is an independent brokerage with a full range of services that looks into. Campus Realty is the first student apartment service in Ann Arbor, which has been approved by the University of Michigan as an off-campus provider. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and will do their best to work with you according to your needs. Our professional maintenance service is available 24 hours a day. At Campus Realty, personalized service is the rule, not the exception. Brands are useful tools. They help us differentiate between products, services and, yes, sometimes people. If we ask for a Pepsi-Cola®brand soft, we will not have coca®.

If the public consults a ® or the „R“ logo, we want them to know that they get more than one real estate licensee – they get a member of the REALTORS NATIONAL ASSOCIATION® (NAR). Whenever you tell the public that you are a REALTORsen® you tell them that you subscribe to a strict code of ethics, you are a member of the largest trade association in the United States and you will be informed of real estate issues. That`s a lot of miles of a brand! Therefore, it is important to always use the realtor® and logo marks correctly to identify yourself as a member of the National® Association. Whether the marks are used on outdoor signs or newspaper advertisements, masonry or paper, letterhead or flyers, the rules remain the same. In addition, the same rules apply to the use of trademarks in all forms of electronic advertising and communication, including the internet. Some special rules have also been designed to explain how members can use trademarks as part of the domain name for their real estate business. The National Association has developed guidelines for the correct use of REALTOR® trademarks and logos. This manual summarizes five restrictions on the use of trademarks.

For more information on trademark use, see NAR`s website,, on the „Right and Politics“ page under REALTOR®Trademark/Logo Rules.