Audit Consultant Agreement

An accounting advisory agreement describes the tax and financial services that must be provided to the client. An accountant is a certified professional who is able to establish tax planning, auditing and submissions from public and federal authorities (IRS). The agreement details the work to be done, including the client`s hourly rate of inter-payment and accounting. After the client authorizes the agreement and makes payment for the retention (if any), the accountant can start. An accountant is a licensed person in the state to manage accounting processes, create taxes, establish bank statements, prepare financial reports and provide tax advice to a company or individual. An accountant is a licensed person in the state with the official title „Certified Public Accountant“ or simply a „CPA.“ A four-year bachelor`s degree in business management or financial training is required with other state-accredited programs of study (if any). After receiving training, the person must be admitted for 1 to 2 years next to a CPA conducting financial reporting, audits and other tax planning tasks. An accountant, or CPA, is paid based on experience and the client. More experienced accountants operating in competitive markets are paid more than less experienced accountants.

Bookkeeping Services Agreement – For unauthorized accountants who wish to provide financial services.