Brent Planning Performance Agreement

If consultation is to be useful prior to the submission of the application, a proposed development may be modified prior to the filing of a formal application for construction. This could solve problems identified during the pre-application phase and/or may pose new problems that need to be discussed. Local planning authorities may themselves charge for the administrative burdens related to the agreement and implementation of the plan performance agreement, as far as this goes beyond the legal competences of a public authority. All fees should reflect the broader principles for invoicing advice prior to the submission of the application – if possible as part of a clear menu of pre-application services – and are collected in addition to any subsequent planning fees for the proposed development. There are different types of registrations that are not charged or no reduced fees. For more information, see the application fees page. A planning performance agreement is a project management tool that allows local planning authorities and applicants to agree on timelines, measures and resources for processing certain applications. It should cover the pre-application and application phases, but may also extend to the post-application phase. Planning performance agreements can be particularly useful for establishing an efficient and transparent process for identifying large and/or complex planning requests. They encourage joint work between the applicant and the local planning authority and can also help bring together other parties, such as legal advisers. A planning agreement is voluntarily concluded between the applicant and the local planning authority prior to the submission of the application and can be a useful focus of pre-application discussions on the issues to be addressed.

At the end of the meeting, you will receive a written response summarizing the topics discussed at the meeting and our advice on the planning benefits of your proposals. Involving potential candidates prior to application offers considerable potential to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of the planning request system and to improve the quality of planning requests and their likelihood of success. This can be achieved by: a planning performance agreement is no different from other forms of pre-application engagement. It does not oblige the local planning authority to obtain a precise result. Rather, it is an obligation of a process and timeline for defining an application….