Class Action Co-Counsel Agreement

To inquire about a co-counsel agreement, contact Steve Liddle. We have attached a standard royalty-sharing agreement that we use in our cases. While we prefer to be brought into a case before a complaint is filed so that we can control the litigation in preparation for trial, we are sometimes brought into cases just before trial to serve as chief counsel, as we have extensive experience in presenting cases before a jury in the courtroom. In these situations, we are always open to other rates. If you have any questions about cost-sharing or co-counseling agreements, send an email Opt-out disputes or arbitration: If clients wish to unsubscribe from a class action or arbitration action, we help them get out of a case that is currently pending. We will rebuild each case from scratch and bring a separate action from the class action, which will give customers the compensation they deserve. Most lawyers are finally challenged by a possible class action. Because this problem is rare, most lawyers are unaware of the problems associated with conducting a class action. We can help.

We have successfully negotiated more than 100 class actions. We are also often asked to act as co-counsel in different types of class actions. „You were my co-counsel in one of the most terrible tragedies when a family who went to the beach lost a father and a child in a truck accident. After refusing many offers from the insurance company, the case was finally settled for $14.5 million, one of the biggest comparisons of deaths in Horry County. Since then, I have placed her in all the serious cases of injuries that come to my company. -R. Lee, South Carolina Attorney With several offices in the United States, SFMS is able to coordinate and track class actions on behalf of plaintiffs across the country. We conduct numerous public and federal jurisconsultations and are affiliated with the integrated advisory group. As we are linked to this international network of professional firms, we can help our clients with local advice, co-counsel and resource sharing in foreign affairs. These links allow us to conduct representative and collective litigation in the United Kingdom, the European Union and around the world.

Corporate Officers and Directors: We work on cases of directors and directors of companies in which a group of shareholders must take legal action against a company for the misdeeds of an officer. These complaints can be filed if the company has not removed the director or appears to be involved in the illegal actions of the manager. 2. The client agrees with the agreement, including the share that each lawyer receives, and the agreement is confirmed in writing; and over the past five years, we`ve shared over $100 million in fees with co-counsel for personal injury.