Engineers Australia Mutual Recognition Agreements

The World Association of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) was founded in 1968 in Paris under the aegis of UNESCO. It is an international non-governmental organization that brings together national engineering organizations from more than 90 countries and represents about 8,000,000 engineers from around the world. The Professional Development Program (PDP) aims to help members develop their practical skills and become members of Engineers Australia and to help employers improve their professional activities and human resource management. Throughout the PDP, participants and the company are supported by workshops, ongoing evaluation, tutoring, feedback and advice. Australian Assessors engineers do extensive verification and feedback work on participants. At the end of the program, Charter-Status-Aspirants specialized maintenance offers the opportunity to present their skills to practice independently to an experienced group of demanding engineers. Engineers Australia handles all companies that employ engineers, regardless of the size of their engineering staff. In 2003, 80 companies signed a partnership agreement to make the PDP available to their employees. In 2007, Engineers Australia signed more than 250 enterprise partnership agreements, of which 4,500 graduates participate in the PDP. Participating organizations are often seen as preferred employers by young engineers. Learn more about the professional development program.

Australia`s largest and most diverse engineering association, Engineers Australia, reinforces the influence and professional reputation of engineers in the community. Engineers Australia helps its 80,000 members achieve their personal and professional goals by providing benefits, facilities and services tailored to their needs at every stage of their careers. There are many benefits of joining the Australia Engineers – you can learn about some of these benefits below. Among the latest member-prepared and member-led publications include: Global Reach: supporting the professional mobility of Australian engineers, Water and Australian Cities: review of urban water reform, and Australia! s Energy Future: Australian energy policy and climate change. Learn more about representation. The International Engineering Technologist Agreement was signed in 2003 by participating economies/countries. The parties agreed to begin the implementation of a system of mutual recognition of engineering technologies.