Red Hat Partner Agreement

Through open cooperation, Red Hat and its partners are able to leverage each other`s strengths. Red Hat`s leaders in open innovation, whether applied to technology, people or processes, are increasingly valued in the marketplace and offer us new opportunities. Our prey to cooperation helps us to design solutions together. Whether you build, serve or sell products and solutions, I think you`ll see that our partner programs offer you more than the tools you need to face customers` IT challenges, but also an abundance of knowledge that will lead us both to the future. If you are a new or existing partner or are considering becoming a Red Hat partner, we hope you will use everything our programs have to offer. If we work together, we all win. Our program partners remain more competitive and play a key role in our market strategy and success. Let`s start together with something great. With this partnership, we are expanding our commitment to today to provide unparalleled choice and flexibility in the cloud and to making customers where they are, so they can do more with their hybrid cloud deployments. Partners play a key role in Red Hat`s launch strategy and overall success.

It was said that Red Hat would not be Red Hat without our vast ecosystem partner, which generates more than 70% of our turnover. You can publish your operator and sell their corresponding app in the Red Hat Marketplace by becoming a Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator. Certification is a self-service offer, with a simple step-by-step process for you to check an operator`s functionality and its Red Hat OpenShift dependencies. Petra Heinrich Vice President Products – Partners EMEA provides innovative, validated and integrated solutions for the telecommunications sector. Expand your practice and open source service functions with Red Hat. Help your customers become Red Hat technology experts. Scott GuthrieExecutive Vice President Cloud and Enterprise , Microsoft Together, we can provide hybrid cloud solutions with the flexibility, freedom and support that customers need. Develop the trusted cloud services you offer customers. Offer public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure and services based on Red Hat technologies. Develop, sell and implement solutions based on Red Hat technologies and your IP. Learn more about the opportunities and resources you provide to support your go-to-market movements on Red Hat Partner Connect Resell Red Hat technology to design, plan and implement solutions.