Uchicago Sponsored Consulting Agreement

URA is the institutional authority responsible for negotiating and accepting financial assistance or other contractual obligations in the form of a contract, grant or agreement, including material transfer agreements and clinical trials. If the department receives an award document, it must be given to the relevant URA research administrator for verification. After verification, PES and individual administrators should not sign contracting agreements unless ordered by the URA. Exception to the rule: Special Interest „Hobby Payments“ – Payment to an employee for an activity that can be considered a hobby or leisure profession. It cannot be linked to the regular tasks of university staff. If in doubt, please contact the Shared Support Service by calling 773-702-5800, payroll@uchicago.edu send an email or send a „Ask a Payroll Question“ form through the ServiceNow Shared Services portal before discussing and/or negotiating payment terms with the service provider. The AU should review the main allocation agreement and determine whether prior authorization is required. You should then forward a request to change the premium to your post-price AR, which contains: based on the results of the BPR sessions, the combined office of the URA has set up an account office within the Post-Award Support Services group. The Account Create Team is responsible for registering and creating accounts for all sponsored rewards throughout the university. From 2 July, all changes/modifications received from sponsors must be emailed to io-ura@uchicago.edu. This process applies to all modified attribution documents. Contact the Help Desk shared service by calling 773-702-5800, emailing payroll@uchicago.edu, or submitting a „Ask Questions on Pay slip“ form through the Shared Services ServiceNow portal for more information.

Once the award is accepted by the university, an account for the Financial Accounting System (FAS) should be created. URA creates an account for a new prize upon acceptance of the prize. In addition to the account creation processes described above, FAS accounts can be created prior to receiving a bonus agreement. Consultants are people who mainly offer professional advice. You usually have a separate skill or knowledge that is not available within the organization. For sponsored funds, advisors are usually the people mentioned in the „advisors“ section of the budget proposal of the grant or contract application. A consultant contract sponsored by the University Research Administration (URA) is required for each payment request. For more information on sponsored consultant contracts, please contact URA.

For sponsored consulting contracts, other changes to existing sub-parts and the addition of new subawards, the unit should conclude the „E-Mail URA-M“ business at AURA in order to start the process. The POST AWARD RA reviews the application and ensures that all prior authorization requirements are met before it is sent to the subaward team. Bilateral pre-accounts registered in the financial system with the status of „N“ account are established automatically by the URA after receipt of a bonus agreement. . . .