Volunteer Agreement Qld

For the purposes of the OHS Act, a person is a volunteer if he or she works for an organization without receiving a salary. For more information on volunteering, see Volunteering Queensland. The Queensland Government is committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based volunteer research to volunteers and voluntary organisations in Queensland. To meet this obligation, we have provided a number of relevant resources and publications. To achieve its goals, a non-profit organization can conduct a business activity and employ both paid workers and volunteers. Please note that under the Workers` Compensation and Rehabilitation Act, 2003, volunteers (unpaid) are not considered „workers“ for workers` compensation purposes. For more information about who the work allowance is, see who do I need to cover? Accordingly, you acknowledge that when you decide to take over the voluntary services of one or more individuals who have used our service, you have only done so after making your own requests and assessments to determine whether such a person`s skills and background are appropriate to the needs of your organization. Any payment beyond direct expenses would mean that the person was not a volunteer within the meaning of the WHS Act. When an activity is carried out for a non-profit association, which is an excluded voluntary association, the volunteer is not considered to be a performer. He is therefore not considered a worker within the meaning of the WHS Act.